U’11 girls V Chasetown U’11 girls

Well what can i say.

3rd game in and we were 6 v 7 with a worry that our goalie would miss the kick Off but Jade turned up and kick off was at 13:30.

with Katie w and Holly upfront Darcy in midfield, Evie And Mel in defense and jade in goals. straight from the off the girls put pressure on Chasetown with a couple of attempts on goal, then just before half-time Holly got a cracking goal taking us 1-0 in front.

second half started with all the girls looking a bit red faced from all the pressure they where putting on the opposition,then Holly hit one home again taking us 2-0 up, tense times came next when Chasetown started putting the pressure back on and with a nervous couple of minutes and a good couple of saves form Jade, Penkridge started the pressure back on Chasetown. with Katie having a couple of wide shots and Holly after her Hat-trick the final whistle was coming up And then a final push with a good couple of passes from Evie, Mel, Darcy and Katie gave Holly her 3rd goal, then the final Whistle came and the girls had there first win with a good little celebration from Holly Darcy And Katie (think there playing in the premiership)


Good game from both sides and a well deserved win for the girls.


Well done and looking forward to the next match.

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