Penkridge Junior u13′s…. it had to happen one day!

During the last 4 seasons, my team has won only 6 league games and conceded 284 goals, many, many times I’ve said how have we lost, we’ve played the better football! I’ve sat at committee meetings dreading my turn for a football update, as it’s always the same, great football but… think my fellow managers have got to the point of yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sometimes you question yourself, is it me, am i bias, do i see it through rose tinted glasses, we haven’t got star players who can turn a game with a couple of touches, we haven’t got a huge catchment area that we can pick and choose from when it starts getting tough, in fact this season we’ve played games with 10 players even 9 on a couple of occasions, but they’ve kept believing and kept playing as a team in the spirit the game should be played, I’ve always said god help the opponents when this team finally finds the net!

Unfortunately for Beacon Colts they became that team.

In the reverse fixture Beacon Colts beat us 4-2 having gone 2-0 up just before half time, but playing with 10 players we lagged in the second half and their strength powered through, this week it should be different coming off the back of 3-1 win against SportsCo(second top), but Beacon with several games in hand were looking as though they could eventually win the league, so expecting a tight game. What happened next left me lost for words.

The result Penkridge Juniors 13 Beacons Colts 3, five different scorers, everyone a team goal, there was no individual performance. This was the day that had been coming for four long hard seasons, the day that this team truly deserved.

I don’t like high scores, and we’ve been on the receiving end of a lot over the years, but this result just reminds you that we are coaching the right way and we shouldn’t loose sight of the fact that this is about the kids, it’s not win at all costs, it’s not about building a team around one or two players, it’s about the kids win, lose or draw.

This was our penultimate game of the season and we will finish bottom of our division as this is only our third win in 13, but bring on next season I can’t wait :)

About Pete Spillard

Manager of Penkridge Junior U14's, FA level 2 qualified coach and Vice Chairman of PJFC Support Wolves and work in my spare time :)