Penkridge Junior Football Club Summer Cup – Competition Rules

The Competition shall be named the ‘Penkridge Juniors Summer Cup’ and shall be governed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Football Association.

The organiser’s decision is final to keep the competition running smoothly and on time.  Any queries of rules or organising should be referred to the organisers to sort out and nobody else.  Any decision taken or given by the committee will be final.

The Competition shall be open to teams in Under 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 for boys and girls

The rules of the competition shall be binding upon all teams taking part

All managers are responsible for the conduct of all their players and spectators.  Any damage could be claimed for, and could result in the team being eliminated from the tournament.

The referee’s decision is final on the football field

1.       Qualification

a           Age qualification to be as per the rules of the League they are members of or where the team is not a member of a League, age as at 31st August will be taken.

b          Players must be no younger than six years old on the day of the tournament to take part

c           Before taking part each team shall produce on the form provided, a list of players eligible to participate in the competition together with their date of birth.

d          Teams are to register 30mins before their first game.  If a team arrives too late to take part in a game that team shall forfeit the game by a 2-0 score line

e        In cases of dispute, proof of age may be requested.  If it cannot be validated, the Management Committee will decide what action to take, including the power to award the game to the team making the claim with a score of 2-0.  It may be worth the team bringing league registration documentation, in cases where players are new to the team bring birth certificate or passport.

f           Only three players at Academies or Schools of Excellence are allowed per team  

g           All questions of eligibility, qualification of players or interpretation of rules shall be referred to the Management Committee

2.       Competition Format

a           Teams in each age group will be divided into groups, playing each team in their group once, with the exception of the under 7 and under 8 age groups.  The under 7 and under 8 age groups will play a series of friendly games as per FA guidelines

b          Three points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw.

c           In the event of any teams being level on points for any position in the league, the team with the best goal difference shall take precedence.  In the event of goal difference being equal, the team scoring the most goals shall take precedence.  In the event of goals scored being equal, then a penalty shoot-out will apply.

d          The duration of each game will be 14 minutes, 7 minutes each half

e          At half time the interval shall not exceed one minute except by consent of the referee.

f           Each team must report to their pitch five minutes before the scheduled kick off time.

g        Knock-Out Rounds

The quarter finals (if any are scheduled), semi finals and final shall, in the event of scores being level at the end of normal play, will be decided by extra time of 6 minutes (3 minutes each way)

h          If the scores are level at the end of extra time, 3 penalties will be taken by each team.  If the scores are still level after 3 penalties per team, sudden death will commence until a result is achieved.  Players will not be able to take a further penalty until all players that finished the game have taken a penalty.

i           For Finals only; that are scheduled to be played on the two pitches with barriers around, everyone will be asked to stand behind the barriers with the exception of Managers, Assistant Managers and substitutes.


3.       Referees

a           The referee shall hand the completed scorecard to the team captain of the winning team who will bring the scorecard to the control point.  In the event of a draw then one of the team captains will bring the scorecard to the control point.

b          A referee shall be appointed to officiate each game as laid down as per the Laws of the Game, paid for by the Management Committee

c           Each team is to have available a change of shirt to be used in the case of a colour clash as decided by the referee.  The Second team named on the scorecard shall change.


4.       The Ball

a           The ball shall be size 3 regulation for U7 and U8

b          The ball shall be size 4 regulation for U9, U10, U11, U12, U13 and U14

c           The ball shall be size 5 regulations for U15, U16, U17 and U18

d          Each team to provide one match ball, but the First team named on the score card shall provide the initial match ball


5.       Number of players

a           The match shall be played by two teams each consisting of not more than

  1.       i.        5-a-Side: five players, one of whom shall be goal keeper.
  2.      ii.        6-a-Side: six players, one of whom shall be goal keeper.
  3.     iii.        7-a-Side: seven players, one of whom shall be goal keeper.

b          A match should not be considered valid if the playing strength of either team is reduced by

  1.       i.        5-a-Side: more than two players, the other team will be awarded the game by a 2-0 score
  2.      ii.        6-a-Side: more than two players, the other team will be awarded the game by a 2-0 score
  3.     iii.        7-a-Side: more than three players, the other team will be awarded the game by a 2-0 score


6.       Substitutions

a           Unlimited substitutions are allowed, providing the following rules are adhered to:-

  1.       i.        No player coming on as a substitute may enter the field of play before the player he/she is replacing has left the field of play
  2.      ii.        Players may come back into the game after being substituted provided the above rule is adhered to

b          Any of the other players may change places with the goal keeper provided that the referee is informed before the change is made and providing that the change is made when there is a stoppage in the game


7.       Footware

a           Football boots and any light footwear may be worn.


8.       Fouls and Misconduct

a           Normal punishment as per the Laws of the Game applies.  A player who is sent off or receives two bookings during the Tournament shall miss the next game.  Should the same player receive two further bookings or be sent off for a second time, or receives a combination of two bookings and a sending off, then that player will not be allowed to take any further part in the Tournament.  No substitute is allowed for any player dismissed for misconduct during the game.

b          Any verbal or physical abuse directed at a referee which results in a sending off, the player will not be allowed to take any further part in the Tournament, this overrides rule 8 a.

c           Names of players booked or sent off will be reported on the scorecard


9.       Free Kick

a           All free kicks are direct.

b          When a player is taking a free kick, all of the opposing players shall be at least 6 feet (2 metres) from the ball until it is in play.

c           All free kicks (except penalty kicks) given against the defending side for infringement will be taken where the infringement took place.  If the infringement took place in the Penalty area then a penalty will be awarded.


10.      Penalty Kicks

a           A penalty kick shall be taken from the penalty mark and except for the defending goal keeper, only the player taking the kick can enter the goal area and for that purpose.

b          A player may take as many paces as he/she likes when taking a penalty kick.


11.      Goalkeeper

a           Goalkeeper returning the ball to play, normal Small Sided rules apply.  In particular, the goalkeeper is allowed out of the penalty area and the goalkeeper cannot pick the ball up if it has been passed back to him/her intentionally.


12.      Start of Play

a           Play shall be started as per Small Sided rules.  The game shall be restarted in the same way after each goal is scored.

b          The team first on the Match Card shall knick off

c           A goal can not be scored straight from the kick off.  It must touch another player before crossing the goal line


13.      Throw-Ins, Goal Kicks and Corner Kicks

a           The referee will use his/her judgement to decide when the ball goes out of play.

b          Throw-ins, Corners will be taken in the normal manner.  Teams playing in the disabled age group are allowed to take Throw-ins or Corners by either kicking or throwing the ball back into play

c           Goal Kicks will be taken within the goal area.


14.      Offside

a           There is no offside.


15.      Play within the Goal Area

a        Defending and attacking players can go and play the ball anywhere in the goal area.


16.      Ball above Head Height

a           There are no ‘above head height’ restrictions

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